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What we do

We aim to make your life easier. We do that by offering IT-solutions that are easy accessible anywhere in the world and by offering on-site training/consultancy. We focus on the dental industry, but also give a warm welcome to other practiceholders, such as general practitioners, physiotherapists and veterinarians.

A Social company

Dentalcloud aims to make the world a little bit better every day. We donate 5% of our profit to foundations that are committed to bring a bit of happiness to the less fortunate . We support our local community by sharing our knowledge and donating 10% of our time.

Widespread experience

We have worked with all kinds of companies in different industries allowing us to embed perfected processes and solutions from other industries into your company.
We have experience in Start-ups, Scale-ups, Corporates, Retail, Biotech industry, Leisure Industry, Transport ,Animal Healthcare, Human Healthcare and of course Dentistry....

Flexible, Practical, Reliable, Scalable

We build our IT solutions on the platform. The platform is one of the most used platforms in the world. It meets very high security standards and allows us to easily create, provide and adjust solutions for you that are accessible 24 hours a day on every location in the world that provides you internet-access.

Why we do what we do

Estimated unhappy people on the planet

And counting....

Estimate Dollars wasted per day in healthcare by inefficiencies

For this money we would be able to stop climate change and solve world hunger....

Out of the box products

At Dentalcloud we develop out of the box and ready to use cloud-products, you'll be able to add value to your business rapidly and with a low effort.

Tailored cloud solutions

Sometimes "out of the box" is not excisting or not as perfect as you would like it. For example if you own multiple practices and want specific performance indicator measurement and benchmarking set-up.
Dentalcloud and/or her partners are highly experienced in this area and can create tailored cloud solutions for you. 

Agile, not just for IT!

If you want to improve you processes continuously, improve customer satisfaction or improve team engagement then Agile might be a solution for you! The Agile methodology finds its origin in the IT but it's principles are also very well applicable in all types of businesses; small practices or multinationals.
We can help you getting started with the Agile way of working, advise and guide you in embedding the "Agile way of working" in your practice or business.

Planning & Field Service

Field Service Lightning is a Salesforce app developed especially for optimization of planning. It's very suitable if you are working with a Field Service, but it's datamodel prinicples are also very suitable for practice planning.
Dentalcloud is one of the few companies with Field Service Lightning certified people, so whether you want to optimize your practice planning or your field service planning, we are the experts to go to!
Out of the box solutions
Tailored cloud solutions
Agile Support
Optimize Planning

Meet our newest product

Want to know how customers think about your practice without bothering them wit long surveys? We've created "Net Practice Score Csat" for you! Based on the proven Net Promoter Score, used by two third of the Fortune 1000 companies. We have enriched the survey with two open questions to gain insight in the areas you are appreciated most and the areas you should improve.

Only three questions give you quantitative and qualitative insight in your customer performance.

Easy to implement

Easy to use

One webaddress you can embed in your website, use in emails, sms-services or present on a tablet, starting on just €15,00 per month!

When you decide to start using Net Practice Score Csat we will setup a url for you in this format: .

If desired we will adjust font-type, button colors and add your logo to personalize your survey and make a perfect fit for website integration.

Every month you will receive a report with all the results or you can choose for our extended package including community-access allowing you to have access to your scores and feedback anywehere and at any time!

That's right!

Optimized for practices

Well there are plenty of reasons of course, but we found out these add the most value to your daily life:

We specifically ask your customers what you should continue doing and it turns out these comments are most often compliments and it’s very energetic to read compliments about your practice!

Also we found out handing over a tablet turns out to be a good conversation starter and gives you the opportunity to make sure the customer walks out happy, no social-media surprises afterwards!

Of course it’s also good to get customer insights, it helps you focussing on doing the right things and if you are ISO 9001 certified it helps you meeting the requirements of measuring customer happiness.

Once you have purchased our product we will contact you to get you up and running. Of course the amount of time to spend differs but in our experience it won’t cost you more then 30 minutes to get started!
After having setup the survey you will receive your personalized webaddress like and you can start collecting feedback.

You can ask feedback via almost every channel, however we do see a difference in respons rates and customer friendliness. To support you in your “channelchoice” we are happy to share our experience with customers so far:

Email, request feedback by sending the customer an email with a link after having visited your practice.
Response: 10%-15%, Customer friendliness -/-

Face 2 Face, request feedback in your practice by handing a device to the customer, f.e. a tablet, mostly done by the assistant after treatment.
Response: >80% , Customer friendliness +/+

SMS/Whatsapp, request feedback by sending the customer a text-message with a link after having visited your practice.
Response: 15%-20%, Customer friendliness +/-

Website, embed in your website.
Response: 1%- 5%, Customer friendliness +/+

With our light package you will receive a monthly report with all the numbers and feedback collected in the last month as well as your total results so after a while you can compare your results to previous months or years.

With our full package you’ll get 24/7 acces to our community where a dashboard is provided. This visual way of presenting your results allow you to easily interpret your scores. And did we mention this? Its available to you at any time and anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet access 🙂 ).

A customer will score you with any number from 0 to 10.

These scores will be divided in 3 groups:
Scores 9 and 10: Promotors, people who are so happy with you they will promote you to others.
Scores 7 and 8: Neutrals, happy but not promoting.
Scores 6 and lower: Detractors, people who will discourage others to go to your practice.

To calculate the score the percentage detractors is deducted from the percentage promoters, this will a result in a score between -100% and +100%.
Generally speaking a score above 0% is good, since you will have more promoters then detractors.
In the beginning dont immediately worry if your scoring on the low side; people who just had a tooth extracted tend to be less happy then people who just visited a theme-park. Scores will get more usefull over time as you can start measuring the impact of your adjustments by comparing the numbers to previous scores.

A practice has received 200 responses; 105 promotors, 75 neutrals, 20 detractors.
The percentage promotors is: 105/200*100 = 52,5%.
The percentage detractors is: 20/200*100 = 10%
The Net Promotor Score is: 52,5 -/- 10 = 42,5

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