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What do we use cookies for? We use cookies and similar technologies to recognize your repeat visits and preferences, as well as to improve your experienceBy  using our site, you consent to the use of cookies unless you have disabled them.
Easy to use, great overview and time saving

All your prices, suppliers and ordering-information in one place, quick, easy and money saving 


A innovative way of dentalcloud based dental ordering software: ordering, product prices, suppliers, promotions, quoting, inventory management and reporting. Bringing digital dentistry, automation and innovations to dentists and dental clinics.

How does Dentalcloud work?

Watch our video and we will explain in less than 2 minutes how Dentalcloud can save you time and money on a daily basis. 

Do you have any questions after this video, do not hesitate and leave us a message.

Why choose Dentalcloud?

Order at every supplier desired, use a Dentalcloud confirmed supplier, or add one yourself.

Have an overview of all known dental prices in 1 overview, register your own prices, share prices with other dental offices or ask for a bulk quote. 

Interested in saving some money? We are sharing a comparison update every month. Click here and see for yourself.

Our service is THE new way of ordering your dental supplies. No commissions, no margins, simply your own ordering system with no limitations. How much can you benefit?

Inventory Management
Build an easy inventory management system with our smart algoritme. Never run out of the essential products again.

Scan each product
Scan the barcode of a product for reference or scan a barcode on your closet for inventory management, you choose.

Have every order at hand, where-ever you want to order have one view of all you orders, never be lost again.

Never loose information again. See where you ordered what and when, and quickly re-order if necessary.

"Our team used to spend a lot of time ordering products at different suppliers. Dentalcloud allowed us to use the pilot-version of their service. We got up and running in just hours and immediately started seeing the effects. We have much more control over our prices, ordering takes much less effort and reading the feedback of our own clients is helpfull and mostly fun, who does not like to read a compliment? We hope to see a "Vetcloud Europe" in the future, for now we happlily use the dental service!

Leo Benders

Owner Dierenkliniek Venray

Start for free

The first 60 days (EUR 198,-) are for us, so you have the time to see what fits you the best. We believe in our product that much!


Try now for Free
Pro License
Proces your first 10 orders!
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user/month (yearly invoicing)
Process 40 orders per month
One overview for all your products
20.000 articles already available
Add extra products yourself
Mobile application
History re-ordering
Barcode scanning & printing
Save money with all available Promotions
Keep track of deliveries
Dashboard & Reporting
Keep track of pricing agreements


user/month (yearly invoicing)
All PRO license features
Unlimited processing of orders
Inventory Management
Asset Management
Track & Trace
Quote requests
Supplier ratings
Client review scores (NPS)
Cost Centers
Price (agreement) sharing with everyone
Contact us for pricing Schedule planning (BETA)

We are a software company providing you with technology for or easier and more efficient buying of your dental supplies. Because we believe in transparancy we do not benefit from any margins, fee’s or bonusses on selling the products. You simply pay for the best software to get organized and you decide the rest.

And the better our service will become in providing new ways of ordering, the more you benefit from this.

Continious development
And be prepared… we have an amazing array of robust features, capabilities and templates planned that will just keep making the Dentalcloud platform better each and every day. Our team is committed to helping you run your business easier every day!

About us

Dentalcloud is one of the few companies in the world providing a worldwide accessible service platform for the Dental Office. 

We have over 30 years experience in the Dental industry and as part of Easolution we gained a lot of knowledge on the newest trends in cloudbased working, blockchain, supply chain and customer journeys.

And we know that available technologies used by companies like Coca Cola, Philips, Merck&Co are very usefull, but big and expensive and a lot of times not suited enough for the Dental Industry. Our service is easy, simple and unique for the dental office and also being developed continuously. Not only by us, you profit from the input of millions of users around the world! 

Upgrade your business 
With the help of technology we allow you to take the next step in controlling your business, reducing your dependability of external parties and be even more efficient. We are challenging the current industry and developing solutions to be more efficient and less time consuming than ever before.

Constant innovation
Currently we are developing the first features, which include a patient review score, an asset management tool and our ordering tool that will provide you the possibility to order anything everywhere in the world!

Keeping track of the products you use in your practice, will help you make smart choices in controlling your costs, make life for your assistent easier while still benefitting from every supplier out there.

But it will not end there, every day we will develop more features coming from new needs or feedback from our customers, just to make life even easier.

Ask for a free demo

Curious how our system works and what it can do for you? Request a free demo! Fill in the form, give the best time to contact you and we will get in touch as soon as possbile.

Dentalcloud Nederland B.V.
Parkstraat 2
5752 AP Deurne
📞 +31 493 242125
✉️ info@dentalcloud.eu


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