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We believe purchasing can be smarter, simpler and more fun. Dentalcloud is a highly automated online ordering platform; packed with smart innovative features that give small and mid-sized businesses real-time visibility into their ordering process. Our ordering software frees up time for what really matters: time and care for your patients.

Dentalcloud’ ordering software gives you complete control over your purchasing. Innovation & intelligence translated into ease of use.


Why Dentalcloud?

Streamlined Process: We understand that time is precious. Dentalcloud simplifies and streamlines the ordering process, saving you valuable time and effort.

Cost Control: No more worrying about overspending. Dentalcloud empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring cost control without compromising on product quality.

Comprehensive Product Access: Say hello to a vast array of dental products! Dentalcloud provides access to a diverse range of supplies, allowing you to build a personalized management system tailored to your needs.

Ensured Work Continuity: Ever worried about workflow disruptions due to sick or absent team members? Dentalcloud’s turnkey system ensures that your practice keeps running smoothly, even when faced with unforeseen challenges.

How does Dentalcloud operate?

Dentalcloud is effortlessly accessible through any computer, tablet, or workplace via web browser or app, as long as you have an internet connection. With Dentalcloud, a single login grants you access to order from all your suppliers, simplifying the procurement process.

The functionality of the ordering software may vary based on your organization’s chosen setup. If your organization opts for full data availability on Dentalcloud, our intelligent search function makes it likely that you’ll find and order the (dental) product you need swiftly. Simply search by description, article number, or product code and place your order with your preferred supplier. In case your preferred supplier isn’t listed, we’re happy to add it upon request. Moreover, you always have the option to manually add a product to your order.


For an even faster ordering experience, you can use our barcode scanner. Simply scan the product, select the quantity, review and adjust if necessary, and send the order in four straightforward steps. If a product lacks a barcode or the existing barcode isn’t recognized, you can easily link the correct product through a search.

Scan your product

Select the amount

Check and adjust

Send the order

Scanning and inventory management

Beyond ordering, Dentalcloud offers scanning capabilities without the necessity of tying it to an inventory system. We understand that each practice is unique, so we provide the flexibility to choose whether to conduct stock control or not. This choice, unique to each practice, reflects our commitment to preventing errors, saving time, and providing unparalleled convenience in your ordering process. Choose Dentalcloud for a system that adapts to the uniqueness of your practice.


What do I get?

Scan/search and order
It does not get easier than this

Powerfull mobile app
Available on IOS and Android

Dentalcloud webportal
Cloud based, 24/7 availability

The easiest way to count your inventory

Connect al your suppliers
Implantology, Endodontics, Orthodontics and many moreΒ 

Easy search
Search our database with more than 300.000+ products

Create your own products and suppliers

Stay in control
You own independent system

More than 900 manufacturers
If you cannot find your product here…

30+ Dental suppliers
Select your own supplier of discover new

Reporting and dashboards
Check out daily

History & Backorders
Order quickly from your own historoy

Is Dentalcloud something for our office?

βœ… Do you want to professionalize ordering?

βœ… Are you looking for an easy inventory management system?

βœ… Do you have multiple suppliers?Β 

βœ… Do you want faster and easier ordering?

βœ…Β  A system which everybody gets?

βœ… Saving staff time?

βœ… Control what you order and spend?

Dentalcloud makes purchasing of daily product easier, faster and more efficient.

Frequently asked questions

Is your question not listed? Then get in touch!

More time to do what you love! We will contact you to set up an appointment to discuss options and see what works best for your office.

No! Dentalcloud is a cloud-based system, so you don’t have to install anything. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer. For the best user experience, we do recommend Chrome as the web browser and Windows as the operating system.

Dentalcloud is smart software to automate your orders. We therefore do not send invoices for the orders, these will – as you are used to – be handled by the local suppliers. Also for returns you can contact this supplier directly.

Virtually every dental supplier is available in the Netherlands. And we even regularly add new ones in both the Netherlands and abroad.

If your supplier is not listed, we will contact them.

Yes, some are already available in Dentalcloud and others we can upload. So you never have to switch ordering systems again. At most of supplier.

Like any decent ordering/purchasing system, Dentalcloud also has the ability to upload your own prices (and agreements). In addition, the Dentalcloud database also has the prices of publicly available suppliers in order to make an informed choice.

What do customers think?

'No more going through all the websites. I now have 1 place to go'


'This works so much faster. I can order from all my suppliers at once.'


'Dentalcloud gives me the know-how to know that my purchasing is sharp and correct. It saves me an enormous amount of time'


Dental assistant
'I have all my distributors in 1 location. Finely organized - I love it!'


'Dentalcloud is a great concept and an absolute winner for larger practices'

Eszter Dr. KoleticsnΓ©



Check out the available options and choose the right one for your needs


€ 99 € 69
per month
(collected monthly)Β 

βœ… Prepared with more than 90,000+ products
βœ… Maintaining Backorders
βœ… Wireless barcode scanning
βœ… Upload your supplier prices
βœ… Market prices
βœ… AI driven shopping list
βœ… Includes reports and dashboards
βœ… Continuous development

Inventory Management

€ 99
per month
(collected monthly)Β 

βœ… Prepared with more than 90,000+ products
βœ… Maintaining Backorders
βœ… Wireless barcode scanning
βœ… Upload your supplier pricesΒ 
βœ… Market prices
βœ… A.I. driven shopping listΒ 
βœ… Includes reports and dashboards
βœ… Continuous development

βœ… Inventory management
βœ… NEW! Stock count app (easily count your stock)
βœ… Asset management


Price on request

To gain full control in the purchasing of your offices, use our management account and set up which products can be ordered.

βœ… Manage the products ordered
βœ… Upload your own products
βœ… Or choose them from our database
βœ… Upload and control your price agreements
βœ… Overview per practice
βœ… Asset management
βœ… Real-time market information

Dentalcloud scanner!

You can certainly use Dentalcloud without a scanner, but we definitely recommend using the scanner. It significantly improves the ease of use. Ordering and stock counting becomes so much easier without using printed barcodes. Just use the barcodes on the packages.

€ 599
excluding VAT


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