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We believe that purchasing can be smarter, simpler and more fun. Dentalcloud is a highly automated online ordering platform; packed with smart innovative features that give small and medium-sized enterprises real-time insight into their ordering proces. Our software frees up time for what really matters: time and care for your patients.Β 

With Dentalcloud software you get full control of your purchasing. Innovation, intelligence translated to ease-of-use.

Dentalcloud, structuring purchasing.

Why Dentalcloud?

The on-time delivery of dental products is essential for any practice, but finding the time to do the ordering, contact your suppliers and then check the delivery can be a difficult and time consuming job. And what happens when your assistant is on leave? Dentalcloud software is designed to help you with this.Β 

With Dentalcloud as your system, you get access to more dental products than you can ever imagine and you can build your own ordering (or even inventory management system), with the blink of an eye.Β 

How does Dentalcloud work?

Practice side:

For your office and the assistant responsible for the ordering everything is set to make their life as easy as can be. They can either scan the barcode on a product to (re)order or simply select the product from the searchbar in the portal. With preset settings by the manager they can get AI-driven suggestions and simply re-order when needed.

Scan your dental product

Select the correct amount

Crosscheck and adjust your order through scanner or webportal

Send the order to the supplier of your choice

Management side:

On the management side you are in control. What is ordered at which supplier? Which products are available and which are not. What is current inventory worth, which office has a lot of inventory and other not? Are there a lot of backorders? And ofcourse what about pricing, do we have a good deal or not?

Upload & Manage your excel files

Select your preferred suppliers

Manage agreements

Monitor purchases

What do I get from Dentalcloud?

Scan, find and order by barcode
It cannot be easier. Simply scan the productbarcode and order.

Powerfull mobile app
Available for IOS and Android.

Dentalcloud webportal
Cloud based, wherever you are, 24/7 available.

The easiest way to count your inventory, you will be done in half an hour.

Connect your suppliers
Implantology, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Preventative suppliers all in 1.Β 

Easy search
Search for more than 300.000+ products from connected manufacturers

Setup your own products and preferred suppliers.Β 

Stay in control
Create your own inventory management system.

Reporting and Dashboards
Keep daily real-time track.

History & Backorders
Quickly reorder from previous orders and keep track of backorders.

Who is Dentalcloud for?

Dentalcloud is for offices and companies that want to professionalize their purchasing and inventory management

Those who have multiple suppliers and want to manage ordering through 1 system.

For offices and companies, who are looking for a faster and easier way to order their daily products.

Those who are looking for a system that every one understands.

Those who have difficulty finding stafftime. With Dentalcloud you save on staff time.

For offices and companies, who want to know exactly what they spent on products and at which company they do so.

Dentalcloud wil make the purchasing of your daily products easier, faster and more reliable than ever before.

Frequently asked questions

Is your question not here? Contact us!

More time to do what your really like to do. We will contact you and together we can discuss options and see what would be the best fit for you setup wise.Β 

For your office you need one (core) management license and one practice license to start. Any additional office just needs one extra license.

Dentalcloud is a cloud-based system, so you do not need to install anything. The only requirement is an internet connection and a computer. We do, for best experience, recommended using Chrome as a webbrowser.

Dentalcloud is only designed as a purchasing system that gives your the information to re-order. Invoicing will still be done bye your suppliers.

Yes you can. Most known suppliers will be available in Dentalcloud. With Dentalcloud you can use the same system for all these products. You never have to switch again.

What do customers think about the Dentalcloud system?

'No more searching the web for the best price, I now have 1 place to go'


'This works so much faster and i can order at all my suppliers at once'


'Dentalcloud gives me the know-how to easily see if current market prices are ok, it saves us a lot of time'


Dental Assistant
'I have all my dealers in one place. Neatly arranged - I love that'


Dentalcloud is a nice idea and an absolute winner for bigger offices. Employees are very helpfull, friendly and open to feedback and questions.

Eszter Dr. KoleticsnΓ©


Dentalcloud Pricing

Take a look at our available options and choose the one that suits your dental office the best.

Management control*

€ 155
per month
(invoiced annually)Β 

βœ” Control products ordered
βœ” Upload your products
βœ” Or choose from our database
βœ” Upload your suppliers
βœ” Check your prices
βœ” Have an overall view per office
βœ” Check & control
βœ” Check pricing
βœ” Asset management
βœ” Real-time market information

Choose your additional licenses

Extra management login

€ 25
per month
(invoiced annually)Β 

Share the workload with the management and do everything they can do!

Office / Ordering

€ 25
per month
(invoiced annually)Β 

βœ” Wireless Barcode scanning
βœ” No barcode stickers needed
βœ” Backorder tracking
βœ” Automatic Reporting & Dashboarding
βœ” Continuous development

Office / Inventory Management

€ 25
per month
(invoiced annually)Β 

βœ” Wireless Barcode scanning
βœ” No barcode stickers needed
βœ” Backorder tracking
βœ” Continuous development

βœ” Inventory management
βœ” Count your inventory with one scan

* 1 management control license is mandatory for controlling your organisation.

Dentalcloud scanner!

You can definitely use Dentalcloud without a scanner, but we highly recommend using a scanner. This significantly improves usability. Ordering and counting your inventory makes it so much easier, without the need for printing barcodes. Simply use the barcode on the packaging.

€ 599
excluding VAT


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