Do you want to be able to place orders and manage your inventory easily and efficiently?

Dentalcloud is user-friendly cloud inventory management software which comes with preloaded products and suppliers. 

With Dentalcloud you will be able to order and maintain your stock on you own terms.

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You can use Dentalcloud from an easy ordering software system until an full inventory stock control system, where your stock wil be maintained en orders will be generated and send fully automated. The way you want to work with Dentalcloud is completely up to you.

Scan & Order

The easiest way to start with Dentalcloud is to use the wireless scanner and simply (re)-order the products you need as a digital shopping list. You simply scan the barcodes on your products and/or your inventory storage and order the amount you need. Dentalcloud will automatically make a shopping list for you to send out to the supplier of choice.



You can always use Dentalcloud for ordering products. Simply login to the system from anywhere in the world and do your ordering. You can use your favorites list, most bought list, search the extensive database with our smart (google) search or use our smart algorithm which predicts which products you have to order now.

Inventory management

With the most extended version of Dentalcloud, you are able to use stock control. Every product is scanned and booked with a minimal and a maximum stock. The system automatically calculates the products you need to reorder and will add these products to your shopping basket. Upon receiving your products you will check the received goods and add them to your stock.

Note that, although this way of inventory management is commonly used in dental offices and we are able to provide this if you would really want,. but we do not recommend it. We deeply believe in the balance of making live easier for the assistant, while still creating enough quality information for management to make the right choices. This delicate balance in combination with our extensive experience made us develop our count possibility, where the dental assistant can count their inventory within half an hour. This results in eliminating the need for daily stock control and significantly reducing error margins.



Dentalcloud is designed to save your team valuable time and make sure your team knows what to order. You can control your purchasing by ordering at any (dental) supplier or even manufacturer without your assistant having to login anywhere else. Dentalcloud is also a cloud-based system. Therefor you will always have real-time access to your product information and inventory. Dentalcloud is designed for ease-of-use flexibility and independence.

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