Privacy statement by Dentalcloud

Dentalcloud Holding BV, Deurne, Netherlands, or its affiliates or subsidiaries (‘Dentalcloud’, ‘us’, ‘we’,  or  ‘our’) wants you to be familiar with the way we collect, use and disclose personal information. This Privacy Statement helps you understand our privacy policy, including what personal information we collect, why we collect it, what we do with it, how we protect it, and what your personal rights are.

Dentalcloud appreciates the interest you have shown in our company and our products and services by visiting our website(s) or related communication channels, including but not limited to our social media and / or channels and blogs. This Privacy Statement covers the personal information we collect or process during your interactions with our pages. Your interaction with us may take place through the Dentalcloud pages, through the purchase and use of our products / services, through marketing communications and through our customer support. This may include interactions of visitors, customers, business customers, suppliers and / or business partners.

Dentalcloud also processes personal data that does not come from Dentalcloud pages and that might require a different privacy statement (for example, specific apps or other specific websites or portals). When and where that is the case, Dentalcloud will always make it clear that the relevant privacy statement is different from this privacy statement.

Finally, we sincerely attach great importance to your privacy. You have shown your confidence in us through your interactions with our pages and we appreciate that trust. This means that we will at all times try to protect your privacy.

When we use the term ‘personal information’ in our privacy statement, we mean information that relates to you and that allows us to identify you directly or in combination with other information we have.

Dentalcloud account information
You can choose to have an online account created to use our services and online shopping experience.

When we create an account, we collect the following personal information:

  • Name;
  • Salutation;
  • E-mail address;
  • Password;
  • Country and preferred language;
  • We may need the following information when you want to order industry specific products (i.e. anesthetics, medication, pharmaceuticals)
    • Registration ID (f.e. ‘Big-registration ID’ in The Netherlands)
    • Signature
  • We may need the following information when you interact with Dentalcloud as a professional (i.e. as a business customer, supplier and / or business partner):
    • Company name
    • Company address
    • Company phone number
    • Type of organization
    • Job title / specialization
    • Bank account

We use this personal information to create and maintain your Dentalcloud account. You can use your account for various services. When you use your account for a service, we may add additional personal information. In the following paragraphs you will learn more about the services you can use and what personal information we add to your account when you do so.

A Dentalcloud account is only created at your request. Therefore, we consider the processing of your account data necessary for the performance of the contract in which you are a legal party according to Article 6 (b) Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Purchase and Registration Information
You can buy Dentalcloud products and services from our online store and register your product.

When you purchase products / services and when you register your product, we collect the following personal data:

  • Delivery and billing address;
  • Phone number;
  • Billing History, which includes an overview of products / services purchased;
  • Details of conversations you may have had with customer service departments about your purchase or online shopping experience;
  • Details of your registered product / service, such as its name, relevant product category, product model number, date of purchase, proof of purchase.

We use this personal information to complete your purchase and / or register your product.

Purchase and registration of products is done only at your request. We consider the processing of your purchase and registration data necessary for the performance of the contract in which you are a legal party according to Article 6 (b) Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Product tester data
When you are interested in an Dentalcloud account, you can sign up to become a tester of Dentalcloud products / services and tell us what you think about our products or services.

When you sign up to become a tester for our product / service, we collect the following personal data:

  • The type of product you are interested in so that we can inform you about relevant product testing;
  • Information about your application as a product tester, such as: for which product you want to become a tester and your answers to the survey questions if a survey was included in the selection procedure;
  • Overview of the tests in which you have participated;
  • Shipping / processing information such as your shipping / billing information and telephone number;
  • Your feedback on and reviews of the tested Dentalcloud products and services.

We use this personal information to invite you to participate as a tester and we use your feedback to improve and develop products and services related to the tested product and services. Your data as a product tester will be added to your account.

We believe that the processing of your data as a product tester is based on Dentalcloudss’ legitimate interest to have a network of product / service testers to improve our range of products and services, and that this is legally permitted under Section 6 ( f) Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Data for promotional communication
You can sign up to receive marketing and promotional communications.

When you sign up for marketing and promotional communications, we use the following personal information:

  • Email address (if you don’t have an account);
  • Your account information;
  • Your interactions with Dentalcloud pages, Dentalcloud mobile app(s), the emails you clicked and opened, and attending events.

We use this personal data to send you promotional messages – based on your preferences and behavior – about our products, services, events and offers.

We may contact you for promotional purposes via email, SMS and other digital channels such as mobile apps and social media. In order to tailor the messaging to your preferences and behavior and to provide you with the best personal experience, we may analyze and combine all information associated with your account information and information about your interactions with Dentalcloud. We also use this information to segment our audiences and see which of our products and / or services users are interested in and to measure the impact of our marketing activities.

Dentalcloud gives you the option to withdraw your consent to receive promotional communications at any time by clicking a link at the bottom of any promotional email you receive from us.

The processing of personal data for promotional messages is based on your consent and is done on a voluntary basis; this is legally permissible under Article 6 (a) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. When Dentalcloud processes your personal data on the basis of consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing carried out prior to the withdrawal of your consent.

Online feedback data
You can choose to provide feedback, comments, questions, ratings and reviews in online evaluations (Online Feedback).

When you use this opportunity, we process the following personal data:

  • your cookie ID;
  • your feedback / comments / questions / rating;
  • your contact details if you provide them to us (name, e-mail, telephone number).

We use this personal information to gain valuable insights to improve our Dentalcloud pages or our range of products / services.

We believe that the processing of your online feedback data is based on Dentalclouds’ legitimate interest in improving our pages and our range of products and services and that this is legally permitted under Article 6 (f) Regulation (EU) 2016 / 679.

Event data
Dentalcloud may collect data for events, webinars or trade shows (“Events”) that you wish to attend and register for through the Dentalcloud pages. You can register for the event through the Dentalcloud pages or through the other organizing company.

When you register for an event, we process the following data:

  • account information;
  • name;
  • emailing;
  • country;
  • salutation;
  • interest in product / service.

We also might need the following information when you interact with Dentalcloud like a professional:

  • specialty;
  • facility;
  • modality;
  • interest in products;
  • date;
  • time of day;
  • business phone number;
  • relevant dietary data.

By registering for an event, you agree to receive communications from Dentalcloud directly related to the event, such as the location and time of the event.

We consider the processing of event data to be necessary for the performance of the contract in which you are a legal party according to article 6 (b) regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Social Listening Information
When you interact or communicate on social media channels / pages / promotions and blogs (for example, when you click on ‘Like’ or ‘Share’, when you post and share comments, and when you provide ratings and reviews), your personal data processed by a third-party company that provides social listening services to Dentalcloud. This means that the third-party company that provides the social listening services keeps a copy of your public online interactions that the third-party company has granted us access to.

The personal data we collect includes public data provided by you in the social media context and from the relevant social media provider through a third party company that provides social listening services such as: name, gender, date of birth or age, homepage , profile picture, time zone, postal address, country, interests and comments and content you have posted / shared.

We use this personal data to obtain a general overview of the opinions people have about us and our brands, to get an idea of ​​relevant online influencers, to troubleshoot and / or improve problems with our products and services , and / or to initiate a sales pitch with you (based on questions / requests you have addressed to us or our competitors).

We believe that the processing of social listening data in the foregoing context is based on a legitimate interest of Dentalcloud and that it is legal under Article 6 (f) Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Consumer or customer service information
You may interact with our employees or customer service center(s).

When you contact customer support or communicate with one of our employees by email, telephone or in writing (for example, via a reply card), we use the following personal data:

  • your account information;
  • your call recordings and history, purchase history, the content of your questions or requests that you have addressed to us.

We use this personal information to provide you with customer service (for products or services), to respond to your requests, to fulfill your orders and to provide you with appropriate customer service, such as repairing or refunding products / services. We also use this personal information to improve, correct and adapt our products and services to meet compliance standards and to train customer service representatives.

If we provide this service under a contract with you, we believe that the processing of your personal data is necessary for the performance of the contract to which you are a legal party under Article 6 (b) Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

In other cases, we consider that the processing of your personal data in the foregoing context is based on a legitimate interest of Dentalcloud and that this is legal under Article 6 (f) Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Improve our products and services (improvement data)
When we use personal data that we have collected about you during your use of  our products / services and / or our Dentalcloud pages for analytical purposes, we do so to improve our products / services and your user experience. We also do this to obtain a general overview of the category of target groups interested in our products and / or services.

We believe that the processing of your personal data in the foregoing context is based on Dentalclouds’ legitimate interest in improving our Dentalcloud pages and our range of products and services and that this is legally permitted under Article 6 (f) Regulation ( EU) 2016/679.

Sensitive data
When we provide services to you, we may collect information that identifies your race or ethnic origin, physical or mental health, religious beliefs, or alleged perpetration or conviction for criminal offenses. Such data is considered as ‘sensitive personal data’ according to article 9 regulation (EU) 2016/679.

We only collect sensitive data when you have explicitly consented to it, when it is required or when you have deliberately disclosed this data.

Dentalcloud strives to make your online experience and interaction with our websites as informative and relevant as possible. We use cookies or similar techniques to achieve this. In our opinion it is important that you know which cookies our website uses and for what purposes. On the one hand, this contributes to protecting your privacy, while on the other hand our website remains as user-friendly as possible.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your terminal equipment (computer or mobile device) when you visit certain websites. We may use similar techniques such as pixels, web beacons and so on. For the sake of consistency, all these techniques are hereinafter referred to as “cookies”.

Why are cookies used?
Cookies can be used for various purposes. First, cookies may be required for the website to function properly. For example, without cookies it would be difficult to remember that you are logged into a website or which products you have placed in your shopping cart. These cookies are called functional cookies.

Cookies can also be used to analyze how a website is used, to track the number of visitors, to know how the website can be improved. We do not link the website statistics and other reports to individual users. These cookies are called analytical cookies.

Third, social media cookies are used to enable integration of social media on the website. This way you can immediately like or share a page or product on your favorite social media.

A fourth important application of cookies is online advertising. This enables personalized advertisements that are relevant and interesting to you, both within and outside our website(s). This is done with the help of cookies for (targeted) advertising.

How can I make choices regarding cookies and my privacy on Dentalcloud websites?
We don’t provide ‘cookie-preferences’; you can either allow cookies or don’t. We advise you to set your cookie-preferences in your browser instead.

Please note that refusing the cookie-usage on our website may not result in the deletion of cookies that have already been set. We advise you to delete them. You can do this via the settings of your web browser as described below, after changing the cookie settings on our website.

Manage or disable cookies in your browser
Please note that Dentalcloud is currently not using a technical solution that responds to the ‘Notify websites I do not want to be tracked’ setting in your browser. You can manage your cookie settings in your browser in addition to the Cookie settings section on our website. Please note that your browser settings may not provide the same ease of use as the cookie settings on our website. If you simply disable all cookies or all our cookies in your browser settings, certain parts or features of our website (s) or platform-service(s) may stop working because we can no longer set functionally required cookies.

This privacy statement does not address, and we are not responsible for, the privacy, information or other practices of any third party, including any third party operating any website or service to which the Dentalcloud pages link. The inclusion of a link on Dentalcloud pages does not imply that the linked site or service is endorsed by us, our subsidiaries or our affiliates. Furthermore, we are not responsible for the collection, use, or disclosure of information or security policies of other organizations, such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM or other app developers, app providers, social media platform providers, suppliers. from operating systems, wireless service providers or device manufacturers, including the personal information you disclose to other organizations through or in connection with our pages. These other organizations may have their own privacy statements, rules or policies. We strongly recommend that you read them to understand how your personal data may be processed by those other organizations.

How do we protect your personal information?
We take reasonable organizational, technical and administrative measures to protect personal information within our organization. Unfortunately, no data transfer or storage system is completely secure. If you have reason to believe that your interaction with us is no longer secure, please notify us immediately

How long are the personal data kept?
We will keep your personal data for as long as necessary or permitted in light of the purpose or purposes for which the data was collected. Our criteria used to determine our retention periods are: (I) the duration of the ongoing relationship we have with you for participating in the Dentalcloud Pages; (II) whether we are subject to a legal obligation; or (III) whether retention is appropriate in light of our legal position (such as with respect to applicable statute of limitations, litigation procedures or regulatory inspections).

Jurisdiction and Transfers Across Borders
Your personal data may be stored and processed in any country where we are located or where we partner with service providers. When you use the Dentalcloud pages you agree to the transfer of data to countries outside of your home country where other rules on data protection may apply in your own country. In certain circumstances, courts, law enforcement, regulatory or security authorities in those other countries may be entitled to access your personal information.

If you reside in an EEA country, your personal data may be transferred to our affiliates or service providers in non-EEA countries that the European Commission recognizes to provide an adequate level of data protection under EEA standards (the full list of these countries can be found here). For transfers from the EEA to countries where data protection is not adequate according to the European Commission, we take adequate measures to protect your personal data, such as our binding corporate rules regarding customer, supplier and business partner data and / or European Commission approved standard contractual clauses.

If you want to submit a request to access, correct or delete the personal data you have provided, or to restrict the processing of this data, or to object to the processing of this data, or if you want to receive an electronic copy of your personal data for transfer to another company (to the extent that this right to data portability is permitted by applicable law), please contact us using this form. We will respond to your request in accordance with applicable law.

Please clarify in your request what personal information you would like to have changed, whether you would like your personal information to be removed from our database, or let us know any restrictions you would like us to place on our use of your personal information. For your protection, we can only process requests regarding the personal information associated with your account, your email address or other account information that you use to send us your request and we may need to verify your identity before implementing your request .

You can also unsubscribe from receiving digital messages from Dentalcloud. If you no longer wish to receive marketing emails on a continuous basis, you can unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any promotional email you receive from us.

We would like to point out that we may need to retain certain information for administrative reasons and / or in order to complete any transactions that you had begun before requesting the change or deletion (for example, when you make a purchase or participate in a promotion, you can change or delete the specified personal data only after completion of this purchase or promotion). There may also be residual information that persists within our databases and other records and is not deleted.

Be aware that transactional data is owned by Dentalcloud as this is an important part of our value-propostion, however we will fully anonimize the data on a deletion request, meaning the data will not be traceable to an individual.

We try to fulfill your requests as soon as reasonably practicable. Please note that if you unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails, we may still send you important administrative messages that you cannot unsubscribe from.

The Dentalcloud pages are not directed to children as provided by applicable law, and therefore we do not knowingly collect personal information from children. However, it is our policy to comply with the law when the consent of the parent or guardian is required before collecting, using or disclosing personal information about children. We value the need for children’s privacy and encourage parents and guardians to take an active role in their children’s online activities and interests.

If a parent or guardian learns that his or her child has shared personal information with us without permission, please contact us. If we find out that a child has shared personal information with us, we will delete his / her information from our files.