Inventory Management


A smart stock management system or only order with a scanner, it is up to you!

You determine in advance what the most pleasant and convenient method is for your office. Do you want to work with the easy to use scanner, but not an entire stock management system?You can!

If you opt for the most accurate stock management, you work with a minimum stock and scan every outgoing product.

If you want a little more convenience, you can choose for the card system where you order the number of the ticket directly.

You also have the option to let the software do the work for you if the system realizes that you have bought a certain number every week, then this will be an order advice.

All this is done wirelessly, in real time and with visual confirmation.

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Inventory management and price comparison

Stock management and price comparisons don’t go together, do they? Well with the Dentalcloud system, within our product database you can immediately see from whom the article is available and for what price. Easy as that.

In addition, you are not dependent on any supplier, so you always have the option to manage your stock well without having to rely on a single distributor.

What are the benefits for me

Fifty percent less stock space is needed, no more mistakes, much less unnecessary (and expensive) stock and always insight into what’s in stock0

. These are just a few of the advantages of Dentalcloud’s advanced inventory management system. Thanks to a well-thought-out cloud-based stock management, this hardly costs any more time and your stock is still at the right level at all times.

Overhead reduction

With stock management you save on your overhead by throwing away less and having better insight into your current stock. It also gives you the opportunity to standardize and keep fewer products in stock.

In addition, you know exactly what you have at home at any time. At the touch of a button. That is a pleasant science and, for example, also useful for the year-end closing.

In addition, you are also prepared for the future when registration of medical products becomes an obligation, read more about this here.

This is also prepared in Dentalcloud.


Tijdbesparen en overzicht houden

Inventory management will cost you less time. Where previously your employee spent perhaps half a day a week inventorying, administering and ordering, ordering now hardly costs you any time. The system does the work for you.

Moreover, you have exact insight into your stock at any time, which is also useful for the year-end closing.

At Dentalcloud we combine years of experience with smart tools. This allows us to provide you with excellent assistance in setting up a good purchase.

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